A shocking 60% of women struggle to find a new, cute look every day, and with winter approaching, finding a fashionable outfit can become even more challenging. If not done right, weather accessories and clothes can be baggy and not always necessarily flattering, and warm layers are sometimes hard to coordinate. How can a girl still look cute when bundled to the max against the cold?

Fear not: there are strategies you can use to look fresh and fashionable, be it June or January. Here are just a few ways to stay warm without sacrificing style...

Step One: Put On a Hat or Cap

According to Live Science, we lose about seven to ten percent of our body heat through our heads, thanks to special warming and cooling blood vessels. One great way to retain that heat is by covering your noggin with a hat or a cap! Pony caps trap just the right amount of warmth for those cool-but-not-cold late autumn days. Once winter fully sets in, however, you might want to trade the pony cap for a crochet beanie or a warmer knit hat. To compliment your coat or your boots, buy a few different neutral colors for posh winter coordination!

Step Two: Embrace Winter Colors

It can be tempting to spend the winter wrapped in dark grays and blacks, but to achieve ultimate winter fashion, don't let your colorful wardrobe hibernate! Choose accessories with a few pops of color, like a bright red scarf for a flash of mint green from your gloves for the holidays. Bringing in colors helps your look stay bright throughout the cloudy winter months.

Step Three: Find Fun in Layers

Layers can be your best friend or your worst stylistic nightmare, depending on how you plan your outfit. Try to find a balance, and you won’t look too matchy-matchy, but you will look like you know what goes well together.  Keep coordinated monochromes or any other layers interesting by including a variety of textures. Mix fuzzy sweaters and delicate lace with more polished pieces, like sleek boots or a neat jacket. Keep colors in the same family to avoid clashing.

Though winter weather can seem dull and dreary sometimes, your winter fashion doesn't have to be! Stay warm by using cute accessories, like pony caps or scarves, make layers work by including just the right amount of variety, and finally, embrace color to stay stylish, merry, and bright all winter long!

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