Like many fashion statements being resurrected from their original decades to shine again on newer generations, leopard print is back in style! Remember those prints your parents used to wear? Try those, but with a modern twist - because 2018 is redefining animal patterns; from snakeskin to zebra stripes (even cow prints are considered trendy!), you can announce to the world that you're stylish and sophisticated -- if you wear it the right way. Here are three ways to declare your taste for girls fashion with leopard print cold weather accessories.

  • Beanies: Who doesn't love a statement piece? With leopard print inherently being bold and attention-drawing, there’s no need to cover yourself head-to-toe -- a simple accent here and there will do. Knitted beanies are especially perfect for the cooler weather, and slouchy beanies allow you to keep that cool, casual look - plus, they're undeniably cute!
  • Gloves: Nobody said you could only have one accent piece, so feel free to mix and match any and all leopard print cold weather accessories you can get your hands on. Keep in mind that the hat-gloves-scarf combo looks great when they all match. When you wear all three, the world will easily see that you're capable of true fashion and that you're nice and warm. Be sure to consider a flowing leopard print infinity scarf in place of a classic scarf to complete this cozy look.
  • Skirt: Feeling adventurous? All fashion trends begin with a leap out of the comfort zone, so if you're the adventurous type, then a leopard print skirt is a great way to begin. It may be getting cooler out, but skirts have become a stylish -- and incredibly trendy -- option year-round. Throw some stockings and durable winter boots on, along with a sleek jacket (leather, anyone?), and get ready to wow your friends with your bold, new look.

So remember these style tips because the holidays are right around the corner and you can't go wrong wearing always-in-style prints to parties or giving them as gifts.

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