When it comes to fashion, fall is your best opportunity to go out on a limb and experiment with new styles. Thanks to changing weather patterns, you’re able to try your hand at both warm- and cold-weather outfits as the season progresses. And, to add to the fun, there are exciting holidays to look forward to that make the fall season a festive one - meaning you have the freedom to theme your outfits however you’d like! With countless accessories for any temperature, you’ll never run out of stylish options when you visit Girlie Girl Originals online. Don't be afraid to mix up your wardrobe by trying some of these unexpectedly fashionable clothing combinations before you hit the pumpkin patch this fall.

Ready to ring in the fall? Here are three of Girlie Girl Originals’ featured fall outfit recommendations that will help show the world that you are on top of your fall fashion game:

Casual Meets Chic

Everyone loves the feeling of a comfortable jersey knit tee shirt, but many women hesitate to pair it with a skirt or a sleek pair of dress pants. That changes today because fall is the perfect time to put your tee shirts to better use. Around 62% of people across the United States have more than 10 tee shirts in their closet. If you’re in the majority, that means you have plenty of tee shirt combinations that aren't being considered when you look past your graphic tee shirts.

So how do you incorporate a jersey knit tee into an outfit that still looks stylish? First, don't be afraid to test your fashion limits. Pair a cute graphic tee shirt with a chic pair of pants. You can finish the look with a blazer, leather jacket, or bomber jacket. Don't be afraid to mix these two aesthetics and make a bold fashion statement. That’s what fall is for! If you're still worried about pairing a fun graphic tee with a formal skirt, try matching colors or sticking with neutrals for a more seamless look.

Knit and Leather

Knitted and crocheted materials rely on soft, warm yarns that bring a cozy vibe to just about any outfit. This warm look is the complete opposite of black leather, which is why many women would never think to combine the two. Fortunately, as we’ve already discussed, autumn is the exception to that rule! Thanks to the changing weather, there’s no better time than in the fall to layer warm-weather and cold-weather staples.

Looking for specific accessories that can help you achieve this look? Crocheted beanies are a perfect complement to a sleek leather jacket. Knit C.C Beanies, C.C Gloves, and scarves come in a variety of colors to add a unique dynamic to virtually any style of leather. Don't be afraid to lace up a pair of leather boots with some cozy flannel socks if it gets cold in your area come fall time.

Mix Your Patterns

Pattern mixing was once seen as tacky, and women were told that they should be careful when layering patterns. While pattern mixing is still not an easy art to master, doing it the right way is within everyone’s reach. Think about pairing stripes with polka-dots, florals with herringbone, and glitter with graphics. In the autumn, these combinations become the norm. Street fashion has made this historically fashion faux pas a cause for celebration and complements. Don't hesitate to step out of your comfort zone!

Have you tried these fall fashion trends yet? Let us know how they worked for you in the comments below! And don't forget to check out some of our favorite fall looks on our Instagram page.