A lot rides on how you dress for school: after all, the first few weeks set the tone for the rest of the year. While you can always recover from a bad first week, going in with the right outfit is essential to start the year off right. When you want your daughter to make the best first impression when school starts, try these girls fashion essentials that express her personal style.


Visors for girls are a style staple for the sun-sensitive student. Visors are great because not too many people wear them unless they're playing golf or out on the boat; when you wear a visor for any after-school sporting activity, people take notice. They're unique, stylish, and can be dressed up or down depending on the look you’re going for.

Visors for girls are great for after-school activities because they won't ruin your child's hair like a hat will; they complement any outfit, whether sporty or spicey; and they're functional. Even better, visors are very much on trend thanks to the 90s nostalgia that's taking over the fashion world this year.


That's right: scarves aren't just for winter anymore. A stylish fashionable scarf is the easiest thing you will ever wear: simply hang it around your neck, and you immediately look like you walked out of a magazine. Between beautiful blanket scarves, thin fashion scarves, and glittery boas, you can look great with minimal effort. Your daughter will appreciate the simplicity of style, and they can still be used when cooler weather comes around. 

Graphic Tees

If you have an elementary or middle school age daughter, then it's all about the fun graphic t-shirts! A funky graphic tee can feature your child's favorite image or a fun catchphrase to get a conversation flowing. If your child isn't a social butterfly, a fun graphic tee shirt will spark conversations and maybe even a few friends. When more than 80 billion pieces of clothing are produced worldwide each year, your child will choose more than one graphic jersey knit shirt to rock on her first day of school.


If your daughter is looking for more subtle ways to express her fashion, try putting her bling on her backpack. Her outfit will be the full package, from her shoes to her hair to her favorite new backpack. Try decorating her bag with fun pom keychains or keep it sleek and simple with a tassel keychain. Patches and pins are also very on trend this year, and decorating her backpack can be a fun mother-daughter accessorizing adventure. Hopefully, one of these style tips will encourage your daughter to go to school feeling confident every day. When you want the best in women and girls' fashion, visit Girlie Girls Originals online.