Instead of melting in the summer heat, why not make the most of it? With cute ponytail caps, you're able to look stylish while keeping the sun out of your eyes. Their innovative design also keeps the hair off your neck and out of the way. Here are three easy, fun hairstyles to wear when you purchase a closet-full of caps for ponytails. 

1.   The Messy Bun 

We usually wear baseball caps or knit caps to hide our bed head, but why not own the look? Summer is made for rest, relaxation, and the occasional pool party; when 60% of women struggle to find a cute new look on a daily basis, a messy, big bun is the answer everyone can get on board with. Showcase your style without wasting a minute of summer sunshine. 

A messy bun is particularly good at showing off the different highlights and lowlights infused in your locks. With the high slit featured on ponytail caps, you can still accentuate the volume of your hair beneath your hat. Simply loosen the bun after you do your hair to give it a casual yet controlled look. 

2. The Wavy Pony

This classic look is usually muted by the standard fit of most baseball caps. With a ponytail cap, you finally don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. Style your hair in large waves using a waver wand or a large-barrel hair curler before setting it into a ponytail and pulling it through your pony cap. With this kind of volume, there's no chance your summer will fall flat. 

3. The Tousled Braid

Finishing off our classic trio is the "tail" as old as time: the braided ponytail. Ditch the side braid and feature your luscious locks against the fun color of a ponytail cap. Even if you opt for a more sporty style, your braid will add a dash of femininity, regardless of whether you washed your hair or not. 

There are countless braids to choose from, but you can't go wrong with a loose, thick braid to add some volume. For a more streamlined look, try out a lace Dutch fishtail braid to keep the volume at the ends of your hair and not at your scalp. Tug on the edges of the braids to keep the volume up! 

Never again do you have to sacrifice beauty for comfort. With these three easy styles, you can amp up your everyday look during the summer. For one of the best selections of ponytail caps, visors for girls, and CC beanie hats, Girlie Girl Originals will keep your fashion game strong throughout the year.