The beginning of the school year triggers "back to school" shopping for children across the country. But for teachers, this is also a great opportunity to revamp your wardrobe and represent your teacher pride! A new semester always calls for a new look.

One of the greatest things about being a teacher is the versatile clothing you can wear. Between dresses, pants, and the fun graphic tee shirt, a teacher can wear just about anything and still look fabulous. Here are some style tips for looking great all year long.

Wear it, don't say it

What better way to show off your teacher pride than wearing it right on your sleeve? Not only does it show you take pride in your career, but that you love it too. At Girlie Girl Originals, we offer the best in graphic tee shirts, including mama bear shirt options and teacher-inspired graphics. Our gorgeous designs are built for the teacher who wants to make a fun impression on students and co-workers alike. Whether you're on the move in an active class or leading your lecture, these shirts are comfortable and cute with the teacher in mind.

Bring a blazer 

A casual blazer is a perfect accessory to throw over your jersey knit shirt on a cooler day. Not only will it make your outfit look a little more professional, but you’ll also be able to pair your blazer with just about anything. This makes it one of the most versatile additions to your closet: a teacher simply cannot go without it.

Cram for the Cold

Cramming isn't only for tests; when you want to prepare for the colder weather, the end of summer is the perfect time to stock up on cold weather accessories. Your teacher attire will thrive in the winter with an arsenal of C.C products including knitted beanies, scarves, new thick socks, and gloves. Your knitted beanies will go with just about every outfit you own while a scarf will help keep the cooler weather at bay when November rolls around. Between now and then we'll have plenty of cooler days -- stock up with long-sleeved shirts and knitted beanies in some Girlie Girl Originals slouchy beanies, solid beanies, or even our beautiful C.C houndstooth beanies. Don’t forget to coordinate your outfits with our exclusive selection of accessories that you won’t find anywhere else!

Back to school shopping is the second-largest shopping season of the year. When you want to amp up your wardrobe in time for the new year, visit or come into one of our stores today!